Horray! First public night since opening! What does that mean?

Everyone is invited to a night of an interesting software development talk. You don’t have to be a software professional to come and learn from some intriguing examples.

But what is this all for?

APIs are the way to leverage other services, not too much to chew off for someone trying to do something cool with programming, and a good way to get involved with something cool. So we’re going to strive for a single-day hackathon every month. At the start of next month, we’ll be having a first ever API hackathon, “HI Consumption”, featuring the FourSquare API and tentatively on Sunday, November 6 (changed to) Saturday, November 5.

Every month we’re going to learn a new API, write some code, and think about how to use it or mash it up with other APIs to come up with something awesome.

So please!

On Wednesday night come check us out, you don’t have to be a member! Come by listen to us talk briefly about the API. We’ll show some examples and show you guys how to get started.

This is just a taste of what’s coming and a “free sample” to whet your appetites for you non-members. For you members, there will be another in-depth workshop (members only, $10 for non-members) on the FourSquare API coming up in about a week or two (TBA).

Don’t procrastinate!

For those you who are eager, here are some resources to get started!