End of Year CryptoParty @ the HNL hackerspace

Date: 11 December 2012

Time: 6PM-9PM HST

Location: HICapacity, 307a Kamani St, Honolulu, HI 96813

Format: Relaxed conference / Greek chorus: we’ll start with a casual agenda, but slot-in additional speakers in as desired. If you’ve got something important to add to someone’s talk, please share it (politely). When we’re out of speakers, we’ll do ad-hoc tutorials on anything we can.

NOTE: Space very limited (20 people), PLEASE RSVP with (cincinnatus (.a.) lavabit.com PGP if desired) or directly with HICapacity ASAP — if you wait too long, we may not physically be able to fit you in the room. Attendance preference will be given to people willing to speak or demo something.


From the CryptoParty article by Parker Higgins of the EFF

“…a set of global get-togethers where more experienced users can teach beginners how to use the commonly available tools that tap into the incredibly powerful technology of cryptography. I hope that a beginner walks away from a #CryptoParty with an understanding of not just PGP, OTR, and the like, but with an idea of why threat models are important, what attack vectors she ought to consider, and — most importantly — a network of people and resources she can contact for even more knowledge.” Recorded #cryptoparty benedictions from notable people.


We have a location. We have a time. We need people – that means you.

We have people willing to do hands-on workshops. Want to do a workshop or give a talk? Please add it to this list. You don’t have to put your name down, but please ping the organizer privately so we can keep everything straight.

HICapacity has WiFi and a projector. Food and drink is okay and welcome.

Potential Workshops for 12/11 Cryptoparty

Note: if you cannot attend the 12/11 cryptoparty, please remove yourself from this list and add to the “generally available” list below along with contact info.

  • Tor & Tor Browser Bundle – Runa S. from the Tor team
    • Painlessly setting up your own fast exit – Cincinnatus
    • Key generation
    • Integrating GnuPG into Windows
    • Integrating GnuPG into Thunderbird
    • Configuring Thunderbird to sign, encrypt and decrypt mail
    • Verifying digital signatures and integrity of downloaded files
  • Truecrypt – Cincinnatus (can cover something else if this is all someone can talk on — don’t be afraid to slot your name in here instead)
  • SSL and authentication – PLEASE VOLUNTEER
  • TAILS (The Amnesiac Incognito Live System) – PLEASE VOLUNTEER
  • Password length – PLEASE VOLUNTEER
  • ssh and other pki stuff (*nix admin stuff) – PLEASE VOLUNTEER

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact (cincinnatus (.a.) lavabit.com PGP if desired) as soon as you can. Remember: you’re not limited to the talks above — add your own!