We’re glad to announce the first HI Capacity talk about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. The talk will cover an overview of bitcoin, what it is, and a short history.

Here is the agenda:

  • Briefly cover what mining actually accomplishes. What are blocks, how does the network synchronize, proof-of-work.

  • The History and Future of Bitcoin mining hardware, the progression from CPU to GPU, through FPGA to ASIC.

  • Comparison between mining strategies, the differences between mining in a pool vs. solo mining.

  • Demo of what mining looks like and how miners are managed

  • Questions & Answers

The talk will be informal, with an emphasis on discussion about Bitcoin. The speaker is Ta'a Pyland. The talk will be held on June 18th at 7pm. The location is HI Capacity, which is located in the back of The Box Jelly (and to the left of Fishcake).

RSVP on Eventbrite: http://hicap-bitcoin.eventbrite.com

When: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 @ 7pm

Where: HI Capacity (in the Box Jelly), 307a Kamani Street Honolulu, 96813. (Please park on Ward Ave, Kamani street, or surrounding street parking).