HiCapacity Panels at Honolulu ComicCon (7/25/15)


Comic Con was a hit! Thanks for everyone that attended our panels! Stay tuned for upcoming events related to the presenters' topics!

3D printing in Cosplay with Gavin Yamasato

“Utopiart Studio’s Gavin Yamasato talks about the exciting new frontiers in cosplay. If you’ve ever wanted an exact copy of a piece from your favorite series, 3D printing is the best way to do it!”

Arduino and Wearable Tech in Cosplay with: Jessica Grazziotin and Ross Mukai

“Join HiCapacity [and Oahu makerspace] for a panel about how ultra-cheap, ultra-hackable, ultra-tiny wearable electronics called Arduino microcontrollers can be integrated into cosplay. The possibilities are endless!”

Making 3D Art for Games with: Jesse Thompson

“Want to learn about the process for creating 3D game art assets? Come join 3D artist Jesse Thompson as he walks through the process of creating current gen PBR art assets into the Unity3d game engine.”

descriptions by Ed White

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