See photos of our cool new stuff here: GoFundMe Photos

Hey everyone! We’re sorry for being off the radar for so long, again. We’re still here! We just wanted to share that our GoFundMe campaign was a success! The space is looking better and we have a more comfortable environment for everyone! It took us a bit but we have purchased everything we wanted. We’ve purchased brand new office chairs to replace our old, half-working, and mismatched ones. We’ve also got a portable AC to get us through those warm summer nights. In addition we’ve got a second projector that we can mount and a webcam to record and/or stream talks. You can see our new equipment in the slideshow link above. A special shout out to member Jesse for coordinating the entire campaign and setting everything up!

We couldn’t have gotten all these shiny new things without your support! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We’re extremely grateful to all the members and supporters for helping us to keep HICapacity going!



Hello everyone! Wow has it really been that long since we posted something? We apologize for not posting in a while! If you’re looking for us we can always be found on our Facebook page!

Some of the members have been busy improving the space! HICapacity received some awesome shelving and we’re putting it to good use! The space is looking more streamlined and organized.

More improvements are forthcoming and Jesse has setup a GoFundMe donation drive to help us achieve our space revamp. Our goal is to reach $2,500 and we’re getting close! If you want to support us or see more details about what we’re going to do with the funds please see the GoFundMe page for more info. Thank you to those who have already supported us!

We’re going to be addressing two major pain points that we’ve always had. The need for decent seating (we currently have a mismash of partially broken office chairs) and the lack of AC after 7 PM. Even though we have windows they do little to help cool the space at night. The bulk of the funds will go toward buying us new chairs and a portable AC unit. The remainder will go to upgrading the technology in the space to support recording/streaming for presentations and additional storage solutions.

So what else have we been up to? Pretty much the same as last year. We’ve been continuing with having talks at the space. In fact there is one tomorrow! It is titled There’s a Pheonix In My Elm Tree and will be an introduction to using Elm with the Pheonix framework. Stop by if you can!

That’s it for now! We will post photos of the space as we update it. We’re extremely grateful to all the members and supporters for helping us to keep HICapacity going!


Please note that any prior information is outdated. The times of the workshops have changed and the showcase has been postponed.

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEOS: https://vimeo.com/142590171 or https://vimeo.com/141569102

Aloha techies!

We come to you with an exciting opportunity to be part of a workshop by Anouk Wipprecht! She’s an extremely talented Engineer/ Electronic Couture designer from the Netherlands and she’s coming here to host workshops for a select group of Honolulu’s fashion designers! We’re looking for volunteers to help!

tech: any experience with arduinos or other hardware devices (teensy, octo, neopixels, xbee), coding and soldering.

design: sewing help

The workshops will be Tuesday, Nov 10 - Thursday, Nov 12 from 10am-3pm. Volunteering earns you a free ticket! Volunteer experience can range from students to professionals. If you are available and interested in volunteering please email info@shoux.media with the days you are intersted in volunteering for.

To honor the commemoration of fashion month and debut our hard working and innovative movers and shakers driving innovation in fashion tech, we will be showcasing our inaugural hybrid designs to blow your mind. The date of the showcase will be announced so keep an eye out for an official announcement!

Thank you so much and PLEASE spread the word!!!

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