Hello everybody, this is Matthew with the follow up from the Arduino night we had on June 23rd, 2011. Wow that was fun! We saw lots of new faces at the Arduino night!

To recap what we learned, we controlled a motor using the Arduino, a transistorWoohoo! Ryan got his motor to work! and a diode. The principle was that based on a positive charge from the Arduino to the base pin of the transistor, the negatively charge collector would connect to the negatively charged emitter. That would complete the circuit and the motor would turn on. Also, we used a diode to prevent the motor from giving off a high voltage that would destroy our circuit. To view the presentation follow this link: http://bit.ly/hicap_AN3_Pres

A few people mentioned projects they wanted to build the Arduino. One person even brought a counter which would display the results of a race between matchbox cars. If you have an idea, please submit the idea to our Google Moderator. To get there, click on the “Got Ideas?” link at the top of this page. Thanks!