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Is code review something you just talk about and never do?

We will show how using gerrit with git will help you make code review an integral--and easy--part of your everyday workflow. We will also show how to integrate an automated continuous integration tool to catch build errors for each commit before they reach the main repository. Gerrit will also help enforce a level of uniformity in quality and formatting of your code. With Gerrit you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Work on a project with a team? Tired of integrating code into a code base with build errors? Writing code that relies on bugs to actually function correctly?

Then come on down to our meeting, and bring a laptop. Also, please, please experiment with git prior to our meetup. If you need help, feel free to jump on the HI Capacity Google Group and ask questions! We'll be more than glad to help you get started. Topics we will be covering:
  • Advanced git
    • rebasing
    • resetting
    • Directed Acyclic Graph
    • commit hooks
    • git submodules
    • advanced merge strategies
  • Gerrit
    • Jenkins (Hudson) integration for build verification
    • code reviewing
  • Jenkins (Hudson)
    • Setting up for Gerrit Integration
    • How to use to build a project

Please RSVP on EventBrite!

Instructions to Oceanit:
Oceanit ( has graciously provided their conference rooms for us to use for our meetup. They are located at 828 Fort Street in Downtown Honolulu. (Google Maps) Parking to Oceanit is on Queen St. If you're coming down Bishop, take a right on Queen, and the entrance will be on your right side, immediately after a wide crosswalk. (If you hit Harbor Court, you've gone too far). It's $2 dollars for parking through Park & Pay on each floor.

Can't wait to see you there!

Slides from the presentation