Thanks to everyone who could make it out the Programming meetup at Petals and Beans on Saturday July 30th. It was our largest meet up yet!

IMG_1256 IMG_1257

For those of you that were unable to make it, we announced upcoming projects and events. We need everyone interested to get involved!


  • StreetGrindz Food Truck Locator - We are working with StreetGrindz to create a web application, iPhone, and Android mobile apps to help customers find some grindz. We are planning to release next month and need your help with improvements.
  • Safecast - We want to help Safecast with an iPhone geiger meter reader as well as help them improve their web application.
  • Tsunami Inundation Zones - There is currently a need to have mobile applications inform users if they are currently in a Tsunami inundation zone. iPhone and Android mobile apps are planned to be developed.
  • National Cancer Institute Contest - The National Cancer Institute is holding a competition from July 21 - August 26 to build an application (web or mobile) using public data to boost cancer awareness/protection. Peter Justeson from IDGA is leading this effort.
  • Node.js Knockout - HI Capacity is fielding 2 teams in this hot, global competition. Ryan Kanno describes the competition here better than I ever will.
  • Node.js Talk with Aloha.rb - James Wang (@synthes1s) will be giving a talk on Node.js. Please RSVP for the event.
  • Startup Weekend - Ever wanted to pitch an idea, build something amazing, and get funded? Startup Weekend is exactly what you've been looking for! Danielle Scherman from Social Wahines is organizing the event. You can sign up at: Startup Weekend Honolulu
If you want to work on any projects, have questions about events or just want to get involved, feel free to post on our google group or message me on twitter @austenito
See you all at the next meetup!