Another Arduino Night! Hooray!

It’s been a little while since our last one and this time we’ll be doing a little more with the Processing programming language. Jeremy Chan will be leading this night and will bring along temperature sensors. We’ll be using the analog read functionality that Arduino does so easily to send that data to the computer. It will be then used the Processing application to output graphics or visualizations.

Also, we’ll be going over some Processing. Jeremy will teach us how to draw graphics, handle some basic user input, reading/processing serial protocols and timing. Don’t worry, it will look cool when we’re finished. :-)

All attendees who want to participate in the demonstration will need to buy an Arduino kit from Adafruit Industries:

You will also need to download the Processing and Arduino IDEs. I’ve hyperlinked the words to bring you to the IDEs downloads directly.

The kits at Adafruit sell out quick! You can purchase either of these kits from Sparkfun. Starter kit is $59.95 or the Inventor’s kit is $94.95 Personally, I would recommend the Inventor’s kit. :)

The price of the kit will run between $50 and $100, depending which one you purchase (with an additional $10 for shipping). Please order this ASAP if you want to attend as it should take about 3-5 business days to get to Hawaii. If you came to our last meeting, you won’t have to purchase anything! :D I have a couple of spares that I can loan out if someone really wants to participate but could not get a kit in time.

Note: We’ll be building on this kit in future - so think of it as an investment!

Oceanit ( has graciously provided their conference rooms for us to use for our meetup. We will meet at 6:30PM. Oceanit is located at 828 Fort Street in Downtown Honolulu. (Google Maps link) Parking to Oceanit is on Queen St. If you’re coming down Bishop, take a right on Queen, and the entrance will be on your right after a wide crosswalk. (If you hit Harbor Court, you’ve gone too far). It’s $2 dollars for parking through Park & Pay on each floor. Sometimes the terminal doesn’t take credit, so try to bring cash or coin.

Hope to see you there!