2011 was crazy. Everyone in HI Capacity pulled together and created a community of movers, shakers, and doers. Our community has transformed from a few guys in a taco shop to a growing collection of passionate people getting sh things done. Looking back on the year, it’s amazing what HI Capacity has accomplished.

Among our accomplishments this year was opening our Interim Physical Makerspace at The Box Jelly. It proves that Honolulu is capable of having a sustainable, member-funded Makerspace.

We’ve been listening to the Makers in Honolulu; the people that are craving a place to get down and dirty. You want to write on the walls, the floors, and even the celiings. You want to use the Printr Bot that HI Capacity will have in Feburary. Maybe build your own CNC. Create something rad in our workshop. You want to make stuff and you want to make it now.

We know.

That’s why our #1 focus in 2012 is to find our own Makerspace location.

If you’re curious about our Makerspace finding efforts, Jason Axelson wrote a great Google Group post on Spaces We’ve Been Looking At. Matthew Badeau is spending countless hours surfing Craigslist and working with our realtor to find a place HI Capacity can call home.

2012 is going to be an amazing year. We’ll continue to have engaging events and our community thriving. We’ll continue to foster our ultra-important culture of learning and doing.

Most of all, HI Capacity will continue pushing forward so you can focus on the things that really matter - Making.