I’m excited to announce our first sewing workshop next week Wednesday at 6pm.

Want to hack fiber? Knitting is easier than most people think. It’s just another type of code. You start with a foundation (a cast on) and build upon it with just two types of stitches: knits and purls. To change an object’s shape, you use increasing and decreasing when needed, making rows shorter or longer. It looks complicated, but it isn’t once you understand the basics. Patterns and charts tell you what to do in each row and at each stitch. All you need is a little bit of dexterity and the ability to count – and a set of sticks and string.

I’ll discuss a very brief history of knitting and some of the cool things happening with it today, and then teach the very basics (casting on and the knit stitch), with the intention of knitting a square or rectangle (a dishcloth, or if folded over and seamed, a phone cozy or pocket or some sort – a lot of possibilities from a simple shape!). Supplies will be purchased for those who RSVP by Monday, but please bring $6 in cash.

RSVP on EventBrite: http://hicap-sewing.eventbrite.com/

When: Wednesday, October 24th @ 6pm

Where: HI Capacity - 307a Kamani Street, Honolulu, HI (map)