HICapacity will be the featured program for this month’s Wetware Wednesday. If you haven’t been down to HICap in some time or want to see some of the interesting projects some other members have been working on, please come to this event. Free food and beer will be provided. In fact, some of our very own members are currently brewing some of the beer you’ll be enjoying that night.

Why should you go?

Featured presentations - topics ranging from Arduinos to IOS apps to bamboo bikes

Sensory Overload - Raspberry Pis get your electronic taste buds watering but we’ll be using them to stimulate your remaining senses.

Interactive Demos - 3D printers printing, Kinects connecting and Leap motions… leaping? Don’t worry they’ll be cool stuff to see.

QR Contest - Win prizes

Free Food and Beer - Need we say more…

When do you need to schedule?

Feb 27th (last Wed of the month), 6-8PM

Where do you go?

307a Kamani St (at Box Jelly Coworking Space) - Street and free parking nearby

How do you RSVP?

For more details on Wetware Wednesday and to get tickets, go to http://j.mp/becomingamaker