Basic Screen Printing Workshop

We have some t-shirts for participants. (sizes & colors are limited/) or bring an old T-shirt and re-purpose it. The workshop will cover prep, camera-ready art, creating a screen, printing with inks, clean up, second color/second screen on same shirt.

We will supply camera ready HiCapacity related art for this workshop a Yudu Personal Screen Printer: A home/hobby all-in-one screen printing machine, is coming to live in the lab long-term for members to use. We will cover everything it can do as well as screen printing at home and resources for supplies.

Eric Quakenbush will teach you all about it. He has a design background and has taught sullen High School students. This workshop should be a slice of fried gold.

Questions? Contact Eric @

When: Thursday, February 24, 2013 @ 12pm to 4pm

Where: HI Capacity (in the Box Jelly), 307a Kamani Street Honolulu, 96813. (Please park on Ward Ave, Kamani street, or surrounding street parking).

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