Here’s something exciting and new for you Java programmers out there.

We’re presenting back-to-back introductory talks on Groovy and Clojure, a couple of exciting, dynamic JVM languages. That’s right, you can see what all this Dynamic Language Hype™ is all about, and never have to leave the comfort of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Main Goals:

  1. Provide a brief look into two great options for dynamic programming on the JVM
  2. Show how to get started with Groovy and/or Clojure
  3. Discuss the pros/cons of each

David Beutel, of UH, will adapt his well-practiced intro to Groovy talk to our OUDL format. Some guy named, “Kyle” will give the Clojure bits.

This is a great talk for all those JVM-aholics out there that want to level up their coding productivity, and expressiveness. More on each language follows.

Bring your dynamic programming language hats, and we’ll see you there!


Did you know that most Java is syntactically correct Groovy? Wouldn’t you rather:

// Use this new Groovy hotness:

println it

// Instead of this tedious Java:


It also allows for a tight functional style, which we all know is the the debatable future / so-hot-right-now.

For more on Groovy:


It’s dynamic, it’s functional, it’s LISP! Get ready to expand your mind. Once you grok LISP, it will change how you program forever. And, don’t listen to what all those OG programmers tell you about LISP. Clojure is modern, sweeping away much of what those folks had to complain about (parentheses).

Clojure is the future of concurrent programming on the JVM (IMHO). Find out why Y-Combinator’s Paul Graham considers it a “secret weapon.”

For more on Clojure:

When: Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 6pm to 8pm

Where: Manoa Innovation Center ~ 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI We’ll be in the first floor classroom, toward the back of the space (left side of the building when approaching from the parking lot).

Register for this event now at :